WordPress for E-Commerce

WordPress is a universal content management system for the websites of various types, including e-Commerce. Statistics show that one third of such websites are developed on WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin, and this is quite natural, because the platform offers numerous benefits for both website owners and buyers.

What the statistics say

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It occupies 31% of the e-commerce market. It is followed by Magento (19%), OpenCart (11%) and Shopify (8%). WooCommerce is currently utilized on 3,317,205 live websites.

Benefits of WordPress
for e-Commerce

WordPress can be a particularly profitable solution for e-Commerce. The system offers the following benefits:

Quick MVP Quick start

Developing an e-Commerce website on WP & WooCommerce takes much less time than creating a website from scratch. You can run the website MVP as quickly as possible and start selling while gradually improving the website.

A lot of flexibility

WP allows developing a variety of functionality required for easy sales. It is also possible to connect the necessary payment systems, delivery tracking, etc.

Easy administration

After launching the website, you will have the most convenient admin panel with an intuitive structure and navigation. In addition, WP allows assigning roles and various access levels to the admin panel users for easy management.


When developing a website, we focus on the maximum speed of pages loading and the SEO requirements. And WordPress plugins allow customizing all the elements to promote the website in search engines.

Reliable data protection

WP cares about the security of all users’ data and improves its security system on a regular basis. If necessary, we can set up additional protection for your website.

Combination with other parts of the website

WP allows to easily combine online shopping with other website sections: information pages, blogs, galleries, etc. We will develop everything you need.

From the very beginning, WordPress was developed as a CMS for blogs and news websites. However, thanks to the huge support and regular updates, it has become a universal platform for the websites of almost all types. And the appearance of the WooCommerce plugin has made turning websites into commercial ones easier than ever.

WP-x website development
for e-Commerce

Our team specializes in WP projects of various levels of complexity. Order website development from us and get an effective e-store tool for further sales. We will take care of aesthetics, convenience, optimization of your website and offer the best solutions to achieve your business goals.

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