WordPress for Startups

If you have started an innovative project, you understand very well how crucial it is to approach its presentation and further promotion properly. For online projects and startup websites, the best solution in most cases would be WordPress development. It provides the most important conditions for a quick start of MVP with all the necessary functionality. Our team is ready to start working on your project from scratch or at any stage of development.

About WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which due to its simplicity, flexibility and other advantages is widely used all over the world. Indeed, more than 39% of websites are based on WordPress. A large set of web tools and a great CMS architecture allows developers to create websites of varying complexity and for any purpose – from small blogs to large-scale online stores, marketplaces and other complex projects.

75 million

sites created on WordPress

42 million

new publications per month

61 million

new comments per month

in 51 languages

WP functionality is available

Advantages of creating
websites on WordPress

WordPress can be a particularly profitable solution for startups. The system offers the following benefits:

Quick MVP launch

Developing a website on WordPress with basic functionality takes less time than using other CMS or frameworks.

The optimal website price

Creating a website on WP will be cheaper than the identical projects on other CMS and popular frameworks.

Functionality expansion possibility

WP functionality is flexible and adaptable, so you can expand the website and change its appearance significantly.

Security and reliability

WP offers a ready-made protection system that is constantly being updated. In addition, WordPress can withstand heavy loads without crashes.

Ease of administration

The WP admin panel is simple, intuitive and very convenient, so your team will be able to manage the website independently.

More promotion opportunities

WP allows customizing all the elements that are important for the SEO, so your website will quickly appear on the first search pages.

The advantages of WordPress over the other content management systems (Drupal, Joomla, MODX, etc.) are the ease of use, the flexibility of functionality and a large global community.

WP-x website development
for startups

WP-x is a team of developers, designers and marketing experts specializing in WP projects. We work remotely and are ready to start developing the website for your startup or its promotion at any stage. This will allow you to speed up the project launch as much as possible, as well as benefit from technical and informational support throughout the cooperation period.

Among our works, you will find websites of various types and scales:

Corporate websites

Ecommerce websites


Hotels websites


CRM websites

News sites


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