WordPress for Nonprofits

WordPress is a universal content management system that is perfect for non-profit and charitable projects. We will develop a functional website to achieve all the goals.

WordPress Benefits

WordPress can be the best solution for Nonprofit organization. The system offers the following benefits:

Development price

Developing a website on WP allows to save up considerably compared to creating a resource from scratch. As a result, you get a functional and optimized website.

Fast process

In most cases, after collecting all the necessary information, you will get an operational website in less than a month. This significantly speeds up the project launch and the achievement of your goals.

Simple payment system

If necessary, WooCommerce can be integrated with WP for the reliable exchange of funds, receiving donations and payments tracking.

Easy to use

The WordPress admin panel is simple and intuitive. You will be able to manage the selected information and the necessary website functionality yourself.

Customization and scalability

WordPress allows combining different sections and functionality on one website, so we can develop a donation system, a project gallery and a blog with a forum on one resource.

Technical support

WP enjoys tremendous support from users and developers from around the world. In addition, you will get our informational and technical support for as long as needed.

It is more likely (by nearly 70%) that the sponsors will provide a second donation if they used a branded page for the first one.

WP-x website development
nonprofit companies

Need a website? Order it from us. We specialize in WP-projects and develop websites of various types, including for non-profit agencies. We will take care of the aesthetics, optimization and convenience of your website.

We will develop a functional website to achieve all the goals:

Presentation of the purpose and goals of the organization;

Presentation of ready and future projects;

Payment admission settings;

Communication with the audience.

Conducting educational activities;

Search for sponsors

Search for volunteers;


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